how to use old magazines to make an end table

My room is filled with old magazines. I can tell by some of the subscriptions I have — like Seventeen and Teen Vogue — that I haven’t gotten rid of any since I was fifteen. Something has to be done, though, because if I keep buying new magazines without getting rid of old ones, I might have a bit of a hoarder situation in my room.
I can’t bring myself to throw away or recycle my magazines. I decided that I’m okay with upcycling them though. I’m really not sure what the logic is behind either of those two statements, but whatever. I started searching Pinterest and the rest of the internet for some inspiration, and discovered I can upcycle magazines to make end tables. I always need some more table top space, so I thought this was a great idea.
photo (59)
This is a really easy DIY project that took me about 15 minutes. I had to make some alterations to the tutorials I found online, so you can probably get it done in less time.
You’ll need: 
– 2-4 magazines
– paperclips. A glue stick or stapler will also work.
photo (60)
Here’s how to do it: 
Step 1: Remove subscription cards and perfume samples. Basically, get rid of any pages that feel different from the rest.
photo (61)
Step 2: Take the first ten pages or so — including the cover — and fold them into the crease. Don’t fold the pages flat! They should be left loose so they form a teardrop shape, as pictured.
If you’re using a glue stick, spread the glue on the edge of the page that will be stuck into the crease.
photo (62)
Step 3: Repeat step 2 for the next ten pages. Keep repeating until there are no pages left in the magazine.
photo (63)
Step 4: Now you have half of your table formed, but it won’t be very secure. Now is the time to use the paperclips to hold it all together. Stick a paperclip around each “teardrop” you formed. Move the paperclips as close to the center as possible.
photo (64)   photo (65)
Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 with another magazine. Then put your magazines back to back to form a circle shape, and use a paperclip to hold the two together. To make a taller table, keep repeating with more magazines and stack them.
photo (67)
photo (66)
And you’re done!
It’s surprisingly sturdy. You can stack a few books on top without any problems. Look:
photo (68)

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